Next Tuesday – December 10th – is Terra Madre Day, a worldwide celebration of local food.

This year, Slow Food invites you to celebrate by enjoying tasty, rare foods that are on the brink of extinction in your area.

Here is just one example from the Ark of Taste in the USA catalog:

California Mission Olive Oil

The roots of the California Mission Olive are in the orchards of the Jesuit and Franciscan missions founded several centuries ago throughout California. California Mission Olives are unique in that they are suitable for both the pressing of oil and the curing of table olives. Both black oil-cured and green brine-cured table Olives are mild in flavor. Depending on the degree of ripeness, the oil made from early harvests can have a mild grassy, astringent taste, while a later harvest yields a smooth and mild taste.

Here is where you can find it:

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913
Phone: 530.533.1814
* Their California Mission Blood Orange Olive Oil is a finalist for a 2014 Good Food Award!

Scrumptious Pantry
Phone: 301.979.9751

Please, show your passion for Slow Food on December 10 and eat it to save it – then share your experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter.

And check out how others are celebrating across the U.S.

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

Megan Larmer
Manager of Biodiversity Programs
Slow Food USA

P.S. Take action to preserve your food culture! Seek out rare foods in the fields, kitchens, markets, woods and streams near you and nominate them for the Slow Food Ark of Taste in the USA.